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Amazing Health Benefits of Black Seeds (Kalonji)

by Monalisa
Health benefits of Kalonji seeds


Kalonji seeds help in alleviating asthma, should consume it every day with little lemon juice in it and drink in the morning as well as evening.


Having these seeds every day in the morning can help in increase in memory power, especially it’s good for kids.


Kalonji seeds help in reducing diabetes, keep having it daily with some water can show best results while you check for your sugar level.


It helps in reducing weight by consuming it twice a day; one of the best remedies for weight loss can show a drastic difference in a week or two.


Kalonji seed oil is best for hair growth, grind the seeds make a paste add some essential oil in it and apply it gently on your scalp for better results. You can also have the seeds with water to show good results.


It has vitamin c, which helps in boosting your immune system by consuming it every day.


The black seed oil has been in use for thousands of years for medicine, food, and even cosmetics. Today, many people reach for it for the same reason you’d take an aspirin or ibuprofen: In hopes that it targets inflammation and tamps it down. It also has substances that can help protect cells from damage.

In a survey that was conducted, people tried oil drops in their noses to treat mild and moderate, allergic rhinitis and after 7 weeks, more than 10 people claimed their sneeze, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and other symptoms got better or was completely cured.


Include Black seeds in your food, and it will help to reduce constipation problems as it is perfect for your digestive tract.


Black seed oil can be directly applied over your forehead to gain quick relief from severe headaches & Migraines


Most of the people have reported that by taking in Black seeds twice daily for 6 to 8 weeks has helped to improve blood pressure levels 

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