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Which Comb & Why?

by Monalisa
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Round Brush:

A round brush is basically used to curl your hair and while combing it gives good volume to your hair and also used to blow-dry the hair which gives a much better look.

Paddle Brush:

The paddle brush is flat and wide it helps in perfect detangling and smoothing out hair, it is made with boar bristles. it is useful for unruly hair of any length, you can run out the brush while blow-drying your hair which gives a perfect look. it is always considered for fine hair.

Rat Tailed Comb:

This Rat tailed comb helps in styling the hair with a narrow pointed handle. It serves multiple purposes like doing partition, styling, combing from the other end.it is also called as pin tailed comb, most of the hairstylists prefer pin tailed comb for experimenting with the hair.

Wide Tooth Comb:

A wide-tooth comb is a very less damaging hair comb, always wider the tooth comb is lesser the damage for your hair. this is one of the most preferred combs by everyone. this kind of comb has good space between the tooth which helps in easy gliding without any hair breaks. Never brush your hair when it’s wet there will be more chances of losing hair.

Lice Comb:

This comb helps in removing lice from hair which is very helpful. Lice are caused due to wet hair. This comb is mainly used to remove lice and not for any styling purpose.

Vented Brush:

These brushes are ideal for blow-drying hair and sopping wet hair very quickly, the gap between the bristles allows air to flow between the hair and dry soon for the heat of the dryer. it is also used to remove tangles hair which has enough space to remove the tangles.

Teasing Brush:

This brush is good for hairdressing and also works well for long hair. the natural bristles of a teasing brush are far more gentle which does not damage any hair while brushing. These teasing combs often pull and tear at the hair so need to be very careful with this comb.

Afro Pick Comb:

Afro pick Comb is a symbol of African American hair, it is mostly used by Afros for their natural hair. It is basically used as a clip for the hair which is worn by Afros, Wearing the comb led to a kind of comradeship amongst those whose hair grows up and out, not down due to their natural hair growth. It is mostly used for combing and grooming very curly, thick, or kinky hair.

Tangle Teaser Comb:

This brush is mainly used to detangle your hair very easily. Its pain-free brush, these brushes help in detangling knots and wet hair very easily which does not hurt your scalp. It also smoothens your hair without any pain. If your hair is very week never try this brush it can damage your hair more.

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