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MakeUp Tips – Step By Step

by Monalisa

1.Skincare cream:

It is very important to apply skincare cream before apply any other cream or starting with makeup which will keep your skin moisturizing, it is the key step to maintain your skin and treating it well. It helps in purifying cleanser. good skin car always helps you to keep your skin in good condition.


It is always used to close your pores, acne, scars, black spots, flaky patches, etc, it is just making a clear surface on your skin for the better and smooth makeup.


It is liquid or powder form which helps to cover and make a clear form of skin texture while applying to make up and gives a good layer to the skin, this will be the base layer for your make up. Always use a sponge (beauty blender) to blend your foundation on your skin which gives flawless look to your skin.


It is also one type of foundation which helps to cover your dark circles, pores, age spots, etc. It is a bit thicker version of foundation helps in covering dark circles as you blend it evenly around the eyes. ones the base foundation is set you should always apply concealer to make it look even better which will conceal your spots.


It is in the form of powder which helps to give more reflects on your skin and contouring it makes you look brighter.

Highlighter gives a bit of glow even if it’s applied without foundation, always make sure the skin tone is matching with the highlighter tone color and apply on your skin to make it look more elegant and nicer.


It is in the form of powder as well as liquid, which is applied on your cheeks in varying shades ones your skin is blended with foundation. it gives flush to your cheeks with some pinkish color or some use as a bronzer which is in brown shade.

7.Setting powder (Translucent):

This Powder is used to set the foundation on your skin which can be applied soon after foundation or in the end to set the entire makeup. It is slightly tinted to set on your and match your skin tone. It is also called a translucent powder it will b colorless which will help to set the makeup and smoother your skin by cover all pores and marks.

8.Eye Shadow:

It is one type of cosmetics that are used on your eyelids or under the eyes to make your eyes look more elegant and have sharp look on your face it will also make you look very attractive and draws attention to the persons who look at you. This form of makeup gives more appealing to your entire makeup and gives a very beautiful look on your skin.


It is used as a daily routine makeup of your eyes to look more attractive, without eyeliner, the face looks very pale and sad. It is the most commonly used makeup by every woman as it gives a very elegant look to your face. The eyeliner comes in various forms like liquid, powder, pencil, creams, etc.. it is just the line drawn under your eyes or above your eyelashes which can draw attention to the eye which can also change the shape of your eyes as per the line drawn.


It is applied on your eyelashes to draw more attention to your eyes, which makes your eyelashes look longer, thicker, and brighter and gives a very sharp look on your face. It also gives good curls to the eyelashes. Always make sure eyelashes are moisturized after using mascara every day.

11.Brows Base:

It comes in a pencil form which can be used to fill in the gapes of the eyebrows and gives instant shape. It also comes in many colors like black, brown, and gold, this can make you look better.


It is one form of cosmetics that is applied on lips to make your lips look more appealing and gives elegant looks to your entire face. It also protects your lip skin from pigments, oils, waves, etc. Lipsticks comes in various colors and it also comes in lip balm. Make sure before applying lipstick moisturize your lips and then apply it so that it protects from chemicals and gives a good finish to your lips.

13.Setting spray:

This spray is used to apply ones you are done with all makeup this spray helps in setting it so that it can last for few hours, which is like locking up the whole makeup process by applying this spray on your face. It gives a different look to your face, makes skin glow in different complexions, and no need to worry about powdery patches on the face.



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