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A Guide To Makeup Brushes

by Monalisa
How to use Make Up Brushes

Buffing Brush:

For creating a well-blended, flawless effect. Great for buffing in foundation, powders and gel bronzer.

Powder Brush:

Comes handy for sweeping off excess powder and can be used to apply blush and bronzer

Angled Contour Brush:

Angled Contour makeup Brush

Used for Contouring around the temples, Jawline and Cheekbones. Can also be used to apply Blush

Tapered Blush Brush:

Tapered Blush make up Brush

Used for applying highlighter, blush, bronzer and contouring powder.

Apple cheek Blush Brush:

Apple cheek Blush Brush

Used to apply blush and also remove excess powder and eye-shadow fallout.

Fan Brush:

Used for applying little amount of blush, bronzer, contouring powder and highlighter

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